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WORLD Magazine Promotes #ApostateTheBook

June 17th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Book Reviews

Outside homeschool circles, the name Kevin Swanson may not spark much familiarity. Therefore, my reviews of his book Apostate may seem odd. Why review a book that lacks any intellectual rigor and twists facts for a fundamentalist agenda? Why bother?

A few days ago I was listening to Generations with Vision, Kevin Swanson’s podcast, where he mentioned that Apostate had a full page ad in WORLD magazine, a popular Christian news magazine, run biweekly. A FULL PAGE AD.

Here is the ad, courtisy of Chris at Liter8.


Chris, who has read and reviewed Apostate in its entirety and knows first hand its sloppy research, also tweeted me the following observation:

apostate 2

apostate 3

Ryan Stollar at Homeschoolers Anonymous points out another irony. WORLD magazine has a large Catholic readership. Apostate not only includes an entire chapter on Aquinas, but throughout the book, Aquinas is also faulted with the start of the demise of the Christian west. According to Swanson, Aquinas is partially responsible for the rationalism of Descartes and Locke (that’s right; Swanson charges Locke for his humanistic rationalism. Note from me: Locke was not actually a rationalist).

Ryan also adds that full page adds at WORLD cost $5600. Yes, that’s right. WORLD has made $5600 on a book with sloppy scholarship.

My review on Locke will be out later today. I will provide quotes. I’ll be tweeting through the book this week with the hastag #ApostateTheBook for anyone who wants to follow along.

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  • Alas, World has accepted ads from conferences prominently featuring Doug Phillips and the rest of the Patriarchists for decades…


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