The Unfundamental Conversion
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The other day I was on an online debate forum discussing hell when someone commented that God is infinitely good, and therefore, we must trust God’s reason for casting the unbeliever into eternal hell. Obviously, I do not believe any criminal deserves eternity for his temporary crime, but more important, the argument was not settling …
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Reasons I Rejected Traditional Hell

February 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Religion - (33 Comments)

Some people think I’m going through a phase. Actually I’m not. If I am wrong, then I will die wrong. I could not maintain integrity as a person and continue believing in eternal torment of mankind. I mentioned the biggest reason I questioned hell, but there are plenty of other reasons. Let me explain. 1. …
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I moved to Asia two and a half years ago as a missionary. Today I am a progressive Christian, and perhaps you wonder how I retain my heart for missions when I have abandoned my fundamental belief in hell. Let me explain. The last two and a half years led me into harsh doubt, anger, …
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I have been traveling through Christmas and so have been unable to write. In the off chance you have wondered where I have been. A lot of Christians talk about how other religions are performance oriented. I don’t disagree. The Buddhist, for example, has to save himself and fight off bad karma. In Hinduism, you …
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