The Unfundamental Conversion

I Don’t Really Doubt God Anymore

November 20th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith - (30 Comments)
Prayer and  post evangelicalism

I had a thought today, the most comforting thought I’ve had in a long time. But I realized I don’t really doubt God’s existence anymore. There was a time when I was 40% sure God existed, and then I was 60% sure. I remained 60% sure for the longest time. It slowly went up. But …
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Broken Flowers

I am writing a term paper right now on Till We Have Faces. The story is very similar to Job’s story in the Bible in which Orual takes makes her case against the gods for all the grief and pain they have given her. Orual’s perspective is tainted and holds her back. In contrast, Psyche, …
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Last week I talked about the most common theodicy that says, “We suffer because we chose sin.” While there may be some truth to this, the fact is suffering and death existed on the scene before man. But with this, I hear another common line, which basically goes, “Suffering is a necessary means to draw …
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Perhaps the most basic explanation for sin and suffering – the one that we hear so, so often – is so so flawed. The story goes that suffering came to the world because man sinned. We chose death instead of eternity. We chose destruction instead of life. We, the people, had control of our own …
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Tree - leaf canopy

Evangelicals believe that a long, long, long time ago, when God created the world, God created people with absolute free will to choose sin or righteousness, to choose God or death. The trick, though, is that God knew that man would choose sin. He knew it. And God knew it while also knowing that he …
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drops of spring

The other day I was on an online debate forum discussing hell when someone commented that God is infinitely good, and therefore, we must trust God’s reason for casting the unbeliever into eternal hell. Obviously, I do not believe any criminal deserves eternity for his temporary crime, but more important, the argument was not settling …
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Growing up, I was taught that its easiest to praise God in the good, and hardest to praise God in the bad. My life has not lived up that one. Sure I’m happiest when my life is smooth, when I’m hiking through Europe, or sitting on a bench staring at a glacier. But as a …
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Bilbo Had An Adventure

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | SE Asia - (4 Comments)

I saw the Hobbit again this weekend at the dollar theater. The first time I was shocked by the violence and was so frustrated at how much the plot had been changed from the book. Coupled by subtitles in an Asian theater and the loud Asian speakers, I did not enjoy the film much. This …
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