The Unfundamental Conversion
Eyes On Me

When I write about cultural disconnect or socialization problems, I am not just talking about some short painful period after high school, where I went to college, experienced intense culture shock, and then got over myself and became a regular adult. If only, if only, that were true. I am bombarded weekly with mainstream cultural …
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Brightening Grandma's Heart!

With all the ex-conservative homeschooler blogs out there nowdays, people may be under the impression that homeschool fundamentalism has viritually disappeared among homeschool alumni. To be sure, this Christian movement among homeschool graduates is dying a very slow and painful death. But it is so far from over, and I have so many friends still …
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I wanted to talk today about misfits, and how that concept has shaped me, ultimately for the worse. Misfit is a sore word for me because I was trained to be a misfit. Let me explain. A lot of metaphors have been used to describe the homeschool generation. Most commonly, of course, is the metaphor …
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Paula's First Ballet Lesson

ToniVC / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Most of the homeschool graduate bloggers, such as Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism, and Heather of Becoming Worldy, come from super large homeschool families. They write about the trails of the “sister-mom,” the role of being the elder sister of a large family, and the trials of the …
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Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

Stuck in Customs / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I started this blog a few months ago to write my journey away from Calvinism and other evangelical teachings. But I soon realize that although I had left fundamentalism ten years ago, the tiny homeschool bubble that had surrounded me through all my developmental years had affected …
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Daily I tremble in memory of friends left behind. As a Daughter of Patriarchy and fundamentalism, I am left to remember all the faces of those who didn’t make it out. I suffer from survivors guilt.  I don’t suffer from the spiritual abuse so much. I can accept that I will always be a foreigner …
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homeschool girl

This is a three-part series on being born to be a world-changer in the religious homeschool community, and how setting ourselves apart from the crowd involved unhealthy fears of the outside.  Yesterday I talked about the fear of any outside knowledge, including fear of scholarly and academic studies. Today I want to talk about the fear of …
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Just so you know, before you read this, I don’t think homeschooling should be illegal. So there’s this family, the Romeike family, living in America under aslyum – claiming to be under the threat of religious persecution from their home country Germany who does not allow them to homeschool. And now the US government says …
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So Jonny, who blogs at Leaving Fundamentalism, just sent me his story on life during and after fundamentalism! In addition to discussing the indoctrination politically and spiritually that many children of fundamentalism go through until they cannot relate to or interact with mainstream culture, Jonny also tells the story of life with the ACE curriculum, …
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Conservative Roots

I was given roots. My roots tied me to conservative Christianity and spread through community. Roots gave me loyalty and stability, or so I thought. But then something happened that’s hard to describe, but any liberated son or daughter of patriarchy understands. It was if one day I realized my roots were planted among broken …
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