The Unfundamental Conversion

What We Mean By, “Judge Not”

March 10th, 2016 | Posted by Lana Hope in Religion - (4 Comments)
don't judge meme

This meme recently was shared among my evangelical friends on facebook. Let’s talk about it, shall we? We will first talk about what this meme means, and then we will talk about why the quote misses the point. Washer’s point is that people often quote this verse, without any idea of context of the verse. In Matthew 7: …
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I’m reading Hayden White’s The Content of the Form. Over my dead body. Actually I love his book. I just can only take so many pages of theory day after day before I go insane. So I’ll stop and blog here a bit. He said this: Everywhere it is the forces of disorder, natural, and …
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still I won't let go

This is a conversation I recently had with two homeschool mothers. I’ll call them Mom and Mom friend. Mom: Do your kids like the sunscreen you made? Friend: One of my girls likes it. The other did not. Mom: Why did she not like it? Friend: I think that’s just my daughter for you. Mom: …
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Paula's First Ballet Lesson

ToniVC / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Most of the homeschool graduate bloggers, such as Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism, and Heather of Becoming Worldy, come from super large homeschool families. They write about the trails of the “sister-mom,” the role of being the elder sister of a large family, and the trials of the …
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So a while back I stopped by the grocery store with my kids. When I was checking out, I looked up, realized two kids were missing, and saw them riding down the the railing of the escalator. Then Mai accidentally dropped the imported and oh-so-expensive jar of sauce, and it shattered. I paid for the …
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Shame and fundamentalism

Fundamentalist spiritual abuse is so often hidden that its almost invisible. Let me explain with this ridiculous example. Suppose I was a fast food addict. If I eat a Big Mac from McDonald, today I feel the same as if I ate a salad. Or almost the same. Perhaps the salad gives me more energy, …
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Prayer and  post evangelicalism

On the outside, my childhood looked blissful. I was raised outside the box, free to roam and explore. I was raised to think wide and deep, to argue and to question. My home was overtaken in creativity. On the outside, we looked normal. At the same time I was sheltered from ideas. I was free …
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Clever, But Not Brilliant

February 27th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (12 Comments)
Shine on my little girl

Fadzly @ Shutterhack / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND From the youngest age I lived the haunted lie that I was stupid. I was told that boys were mathematically smarter, and that I had learning problems. I was told that I was too careless with math, and that my reading comprehension was poor. Of course, Mom never …
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Shame and fundamentalism

“The Jones family is so, so, so, so, so, so dysfunctional,” my mom said to me recently. She spoke of another one of the perfectionistic-Quiverfull homeschool families, now turned divorced family. “When Michael forgot to close the door to the chicken coop, Mrs. Jones made him sleep out there with the chickens.” I shacked my …
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