The Unfundamental Conversion

I Used to Blame the School Bell

September 11th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (5 Comments)
Arizona State University

I started a graduate program right out of undergrad. There are a ton of reasons I didn’t fall through with that program. Mostly I was just burned out of someone telling me to read, and I wanted to see the world more, and I wanted to study another language at an Asian university. No regrets. …
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I‘ve been having a discussion with a few  former homeschoolers over Libby Anne’s recent exposure of HSLDA, our homeschool legal defense. The discussion was first over her articles on how HSLDA has scoffed over abuse, and second over her latest summary of an article from HSLDA who basically said, to a guy who got very …
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I decided to join the forward thinking dialogue with my thoughts on public education. This week the prompt asks, “what is the purpose of public education?” The question is loaded. First, “what purpose” begs the question, “whose purpose?” Many people have pointed out links between school and the work industry. Henry Ford built and funded …
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In my post earlier today, I talk a bit about the gaps in my high school education as a former homechooler.  Usually I talk about the problems in my homeschool experience because homeschooling gave me a lot of religious and emotional baggage, and I’m still sorting all that out. But here’s the deal. In a …
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Just so you know, before you read this, I don’t think homeschooling should be illegal. So there’s this family, the Romeike family, living in America under aslyum – claiming to be under the threat of religious persecution from their home country Germany who does not allow them to homeschool. And now the US government says …
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homeschool girl

Recently I gave a presentation on SE Asia for some girls at a local church. I rang the door bell of our host, and then she rang the doorbell too. She was 15, dressed neatly, and wore a T-shirt She gravitated to me.  She came over hungry, excited, and asking questions. I knew she was …
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Alabama school bus had a kidnapping and shooting. Today a facebook friend posted that link and told everyone to get their kids out of public schools now. today. And that made me think. After the Sandy Hook shooting, the widely held belief  among the evangelical right was that we need to put God “back” in …
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