The Unfundamental Conversion
Broken Flowers

I am writing a term paper right now on Till We Have Faces. The story is very similar to Job’s story in the Bible in which Orual takes makes her case against the gods for all the grief and pain they have given her. Orual’s perspective is tainted and holds her back. In contrast, Psyche, …
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Who dressed YOU?

Last year at this time I was in Asia – the last three October’s I was in Asia, in fact. Halloween day was hard on me – harder than most US holidays we don’t celebrate over in Asia. In the tribes ghosts and witches are real. Not real in the sense that I believe in …
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still I won't let go

This is a conversation I recently had with two homeschool mothers. I’ll call them Mom and Mom friend. Mom: Do your kids like the sunscreen you made? Friend: One of my girls likes it. The other did not. Mom: Why did she not like it? Friend: I think that’s just my daughter for you. Mom: …
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Mommy Sandwich - Week 2 my kids & me

Wow, this video where Brian McLaren talks about loving your bigoted neighbor not only describes what I was trying to say in my post Why Not to Judge Racist, Sexist, and Bigoted People, but it also describes the problem of Christian fundamental parenting in general. I’ll post the short video here, but if you don’t …
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The Myth of the Stay at Home Mom

March 26th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Culture | SE Asia - (10 Comments)
Life on the farm

I was taught that the working mom was an invention of humanism and secularism. And then one day, that changed……. So there I was in hot-muggy Asia piled in the back seat of a taxi with a bunch of tweens when our taxi driver shrugged at how much he was missing time with his daughter, …
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So a while back I stopped by the grocery store with my kids. When I was checking out, I looked up, realized two kids were missing, and saw them riding down the the railing of the escalator. Then Mai accidentally dropped the imported and oh-so-expensive jar of sauce, and it shattered. I paid for the …
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Brightening Grandma's Heart!

  My family are people of extremes. When they describe our immediate and extended families, we are either all good or all bad, depending on the mood. I am at my grandmothers right now, buried under a pillow because she triggered this feeling of being all good, or all bad. She is feeble, old, and …
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Homeshcool Socialization

Sometimes home school mothers leave thought-provoking comments on my blog posts. This is what one mother says in response to my mis-socialization story. You really got me thinking more about this, especially as my oldest is in that pubescent/preteen stage and it’s a critical time. We live in Florida (beaches and bathing suits) and go …
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Give Me Weed

Several homeschool parents have left comments on my blog saying they think sheltering kids is good. I disagree if we are talking about years and years of sheltering. Its very hard to spend years at home, and one day be released only to discover that life is very different than you were told. So I …
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