The Unfundamental Conversion
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Now I have told the story of how I gave up Calvinism and my belief in hell so slowly I barely noticed. But something much more significant had happened than just a change in theology: I had followed the integrety of my heart instead of the mind, instead of the scholars, instead of the Bible.  …
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I. As an AWANA (evangelical Bible club) kid, I used to frequently recite this verse from Romans. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. Of course, gospel, as defined as an evangelical, meant that God had swept us up …
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I.   “Her father-in-law kicked her out of the house when she would not give up Jesus.” “What? father -in-law? Is her husband dead?” I asked while chopping up a tree with a local tribal woman. “No, no. Her husband is still at his father’s house. But see, her husband is not the patriarch. The …
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Travel Narratives: New Brunswick

July 31st, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | Travel - (1 Comments)

I. On a warm Sunday morning on route towards Maine, I was walking the streets of St. John’s, New Brunswick, Canada. Actually I should say we were. And we looked the par of tourists. A tiny unit, two of us were in shorts, the youngest barefoot, all hyper, all with cameras. II. I parked the …
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I. One cold and rainy day I took the commuter train into the heart of Amsterdam. I was alone and was running to catch up with a tour group when a rugged guy from France caught up with me, “Hello, ma’am, do you visit coffee shops?” “I don’t drink coffee.” “No, I mean do you …
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Travel Narratives: Swiss Alps

April 10th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | Travel - (3 Comments)
Grindelwald, Switzlerland

Sometimes, in order to find life, you have to loose it first. I’ll never forget a conversation I had in Rome. There I was, touring near 2000 year old ruins, in the tension between the ancient and the modern, between childhood history books and St. Peter’s tomb below my feet. I was at the beginning of my long …
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At Thai New Year we bring sand to the temple

I’m over at A Life Overseas Today, writing about processing crud and evil in foreign countries. One Saturday morning I woke up to humid Asian heat rising over my bed and the sound of cranky motorbikes on the way to the market. Oblivious that a tragedy had happened while I slept, I got up and …
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On a chilly autumn day in Germany, I stroll through the market place. The German Sausages itch my tongue, and music echoes from the pebbles to the sky. The day is lively. I wander into the Catholic church, and dig through the pamphlets until I find a copy in English. “Stop and feel God’s presence,” …
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