The Unfundamental Conversion
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When I was an undergrad, we had to read the French philosopher Deleuze. I was extremely offended¬† by his suggestion that categories are socially constructed. I took it as a direct attack on Aristotle and biology. I wrote a response by arguing that all intelligent discourse requires categorization. For example, when I see people, I …
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I grew up protestant, and since we were on the more fundamental side, we did not approve of Catholics. My grandmother in particular goes as far as claiming that she “hates them.”¬† In high school I became a Calvinist, and joined the world where my friends revered John MacArthur who refered to Catholicism as a …
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What is Modernity?

January 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in History - (9 Comments)

I am writing a short 3-part series on modernity, postmodernity, and why I am disillusioned by secularism and progress.¬† By no means do I mean for this to be exhaustive. In fact, in this post I will just mention one major characteristic of modernity, and I will not mention the other 999 things. Since I’m …
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“Relativists go to hell, and hell is hot, and hot hurts.” – Kevin Swanson The anti-relativist attitude in Christian homeschooling, and even in many evangelical circles, is a whole lot more than just a rational claim, “Relativism is self-defeating” or “Of course, we Christians believe in absolutes.” Relativism is the throne-in-the-flesh enemy of fundamentalism. Relativism …
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I have a new theory about what the church needs in order survive. I think this post rings true for non-religious people, too, so this is not a theology talk. But I do think that this is crucial for the churches to flourish whereas I think the secular academy will go on regardless. But I …
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"I Have a Dream"

When I left evangelicalism, I got depressed. It was a living nightmare. After I wrote my post on how the Duggars are not crazy, it hit me head on that I actually left a part of me that was extremely meaningful. Also, the homeschool positive series on Homeschoolers Anonymous made me a bit homesick. That …
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Andrew Robert Baxter Designs Fable

In evangelical circles we are taught to put God first, then everything else second. This is very Platonic. God created us to commune with him, we learn from the scripture. We were created in perfect harmony with God. Then we chose sin and in so doing, put our own thirst for knowledge in front of …
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Strenuo relativismo - (Brave relativism)

Growing up Christian conservative, I had a lot of misconceptions about what secular people and even postmodern Christians believed about right and wrong. I had a pessimistic view of ethics, believing that relativism meant truth was non-existent. That is, I believed in the “anything goes” mentality. Without God, by default anything goes. I thought this …
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