The Unfundamental Conversion

  photo taken in Bellingham, Washington Around three years ago I changed my mind about LGBT individuals and their right to marry. I grew up in a family who did not really acknowledge or mention gays. I had no idea gays even existed until a guy in our homeschool group married someone whose mother was lesbian, …
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same sex marriage

  I recently took this photo in Bellingham, Washington. Dwight Logennecker recently wrote a piece called, “Why Same-Sex Marriage is Impossible for Catholics.” I am not interested in defending Catholicism or transhing Catholicism, but I am interested in this conversation because it helps us understand that if same-sex marriage is impossible for Catholics, it’s nearly inevitable for evangelicals. Catholics …
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There is No Right Side of History

June 11th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in History - (7 Comments)
TV shows

You are standing on the right side of history, or the wrong side of history? I hear this constantly, but it is a false choice because there is no right or wrong side of history. History begins with a point of origin. The problem is that all points of origin are artificial (a point that …
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When I took a graduate course on postmodern philosophy, it did not just make me a better liberal. It also made me a better conservative. In our society, we immediate identify people by their origin. Wherever I go, I am always identified as the outsider because I have a deep Southern accent. Wherever we go, …
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crow and hawk

When I was an undergrad, we had to read the French philosopher Deleuze. I was extremely offended  by his suggestion that categories are socially constructed. I took it as a direct attack on Aristotle and biology. I wrote a response by arguing that all intelligent discourse requires categorization. For example, when I see people, I …
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Why I Am Not a Secular Activist

November 1st, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Culture | History | Politics - (23 Comments)
Be The Change

Sarah Jones, a social justice activist who identifies as an atheist, wrote a killer awesome post on why she is not a secular activist. A thought jumped out at me after Sarah’s post was crossposted over at Love Joy Feminism. A commenter left this definition of secularlism, arguing that Sarah is, in fact, a secular …
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Who dressed YOU?

Last year at this time I was in Asia – the last three October’s I was in Asia, in fact. Halloween day was hard on me – harder than most US holidays we don’t celebrate over in Asia. In the tribes ghosts and witches are real. Not real in the sense that I believe in …
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chain people

My post Duggars are Not Crazy caused quite the stir.  It was mentioned on Freethought Blogs, The American Conservative, and The Dish as well as a few small personal blogs. From the commenting sections both here, there, and over at Homeschoolers Anonymous and No Longer Quivering, I noticed four reactions. 1) OMG I GET LANA. …
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This is a project series interviewing  Buddhists in other countries. Todays questions involve morality, such as what do Buddhists think of modesty, gays, premarital sex, etc. As always, the questions and answers do very just as they do in Christianity. What is “sin? How do people stop this “sin” problem? Kenneth (China) There is no …
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In a series called “Homeschoolers are Out,” Homeschoolers Anonymous told stories of the life of conservative Christian homeschooling from the perspectives of LGBT individuals. It was interesting to me that while bloggers such Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism were used as mini props to parents who rallied against gay marriage, individuals like me and …
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