The Unfundamental Conversion
aposate the book

In today’s review, I will discuss chapter 6 of Kevin Swanson’s book Apostate. In this chapter, Kevin Swanson intensely unravels his special dislike for Rousseau, more so than any of the other “apostates” discussed in the previous chapters.  In part, I understand. Rousseau was not a man of integrity and honor. As Swanson discusses, Rousseau …
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homeschoolers anonymous

Some days –so much of the freakin time – fundies don’t give back any substantial rebuttal or feedback to arguments that have been addressed specially at them. For example, a while back, Libby Anne addressed how the leading homeschool legal defense group in America, HSLDA, had called a child abuser a hero. That’s a substantial …
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HSLDA Never Did Care About Us

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (2 Comments)

As a kid, my mother told me stories about homeschooling rights. She read me the court reports put out by HSLDA – the Homeschool Legel Defense Association. She told me about how HSLDA and the homeschoolers before us had made homeschooling “legal” for us. She had us write our state legislation when laws infringed upon …
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I‘ve been having a discussion with a few  former homeschoolers over Libby Anne’s recent exposure of HSLDA, our homeschool legal defense. The discussion was first over her articles on how HSLDA has scoffed over abuse, and second over her latest summary of an article from HSLDA who basically said, to a guy who got very …
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Parents homeschool for many different reasons. My parents originally started homeschooling me for an academic reason – just for the first grade, but later homeschooled for more religious reasons. So I often write about homeschooling from the religious perspective since that was my experience. Homeschool parents have left comments on my blog saying that most …
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homeschool graduate blog

Ed Yourdon / Foter / CC BY-SA So today I came across a survey from Kevin Swanson, who is working with Dr. Brian Ray and HSLDA, to survey homeschool graduates (and others raised in Christian homes) on “spiritual health.” I quote what I received. After 30 years of a homeschool movement, we’ve learned something of …
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teen girl squad

I found this comment on HSLDA’s FB page, presumably by some homeschool mom who has been trained to laugh at the socialization question. And it made me angry.  See, its fine if homeschool parents want to tell their stories about how they were socially awkward as public school kids, or how they are a social …
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...Just a Little Girl, Lost in the Moment

I grew up afraid of the Child Protective Services. Deathly afraid. On the back of our front door, we had a piece of paper, given to us by Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) that directed us on how to handle the CPS if it were to come after us. See, we were homeschooled, and we …
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Homeschool Movement

Heather of Becoming Worldly put together a post today that gave me physical tears and a knot in my stomach. The post centers on the 2009 a men’s leadership summit, and a speech given by Doug Philips. Doug Philips of Vision Forum was also previously an attorney at HSLDA. Its worth mentioning, as Heather notes, …
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Stacking books until...

The problem with fundamentalism is not just the ideas, or the content of their belief system. Sure, as I have written much in the past, the strict gender roles, dominionism, and legalism is oppressive. But the bigger problem in fundamentalist or other highly conservative circles is that fundamentalists have closed themselves off from ever hearing, …
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