The Unfundamental Conversion

At my old church in South East Asia, we prayed one prayer more than any other. Or maybe two. But there was one prayer that kept coming up over and over – Lord, let your kingdom come, on earth. Or, let your glory fall on this place. I have a problem with the whole idea …
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I have a new theory about what the church needs in order survive. I think this post rings true for non-religious people, too, so this is not a theology talk. But I do think that this is crucial for the churches to flourish whereas I think the secular academy will go on regardless. But I …
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“Thanks For Sucking at Parking”

August 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith - (3 Comments)

Today my friend found this note on his car. OMG.   II. My friend burst out laughing. I mean, he really, really laughed. Tonight I heard him repeat the story to an elderly person. “Someone played a joke on me,” he said. And then he laughed some more. My friend has a social syndrome. Hence, …
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As a few readers have noticed, throughout my blog I’ve mentioned this deep hope that a good God actually exists so that he can bring hope and healing to this broken world. Some readers have asked whether or not this is a wishful hope, or if this is this is one of anticipation. To be …
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Andrew Robert Baxter Designs Lonewolf Message 5

Some times people call me a liberal Christian. I know liberal is a loose and almost meaningless term without a context or concrete set of definitions, so I am not saying that people are always misrepresenting me. But to be clear, I am absolutely not theologically liberal. Christian liberalism was a 19th century response to …
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Mommy Sandwich - Week 2 my kids & me

Wow, this video where Brian McLaren talks about loving your bigoted neighbor not only describes what I was trying to say in my post Why Not to Judge Racist, Sexist, and Bigoted People, but it also describes the problem of Christian fundamental parenting in general. I’ll post the short video here, but if you don’t …
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Shame and fundamentalism

Fundamentalist spiritual abuse is so often hidden that its almost invisible. Let me explain with this ridiculous example. Suppose I was a fast food addict. If I eat a Big Mac from McDonald, today I feel the same as if I ate a salad. Or almost the same. Perhaps the salad gives me more energy, …
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Prayer and  post evangelicalism

On the outside, my childhood looked blissful. I was raised outside the box, free to roam and explore. I was raised to think wide and deep, to argue and to question. My home was overtaken in creativity. On the outside, we looked normal. At the same time I was sheltered from ideas. I was free …
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The Freedom to Admit the Crap

January 27th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Spiritual Abuse - (14 Comments)

I grew up in a homeschool culture that taught me to not give a hoot what anyone else thought. Did I look weird in public? Didn’t matter. Couldn’t hold on conversations with public school kids? Didn’t matter.  Was my education on par with the public schools? Didn’t matter. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought …
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