The Unfundamental Conversion
Little Princess

As you know, I grew up fairly gendered. I wore skirts a huge chunk of my childhood, was taught courtship, and for the longest time, didn’t plan on going to college. Interestingly, despite all that, we skipped the whole princess thing.  In fact, one reason I don’t get the whole anti-princess parenting   movement is because …
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Collision in advance?

Today I had orientation at my graduate program. It was depressing. I walked in the classroom and heard so many great conversations – that I would never hear anywhere else. On Foucoult, and postmodern political theory, and the problems of language. I was so excited about entering an academic conversation IN MY OWN LANGUAGE. But …
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elizabeth stanton

Because of my gendered childhood and frustration as a second class citizen in the church, I’ve struggled in the church. I still get irritated when the church oppresses women, and sometimes I just cry. But today I want to discuss how – if at all – women can resist the dominant ideology of anti-feminism. I. …
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Paula's First Ballet Lesson

ToniVC / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Most of the homeschool graduate bloggers, such as Libby Anne of Love Joy Feminism, and Heather of Becoming Worldy, come from super large homeschool families. They write about the trails of the “sister-mom,” the role of being the elder sister of a large family, and the trials of the …
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first day of summer

My parents crack me up! When my parents got married, they quickly adopted the old fashion marriage roles, except that as I’ve written before, it’s really not so old fashion after all. Anyway, my dad wanted nothing to do with cleaning and cooking. In fact, he swears he can’t do either. And on a similar …
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girl and field

Most of you have probably heard of the Stay at Home Daughters movement, the Christian Patriarchy movement that encouraged girls to stay at home until they marry. A lot of people have pointed out how this damages daughters. For example, girls often stay home waiting for the knight in shinning armor to show up, only …
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So I’m contributing to a new organization called Homeschoolers Anonymous. We are a collective voice of homeschool graduates, sharing our stories of the negative side of our homeschooling experiences. Naturally, we’re controversial.  Michelle Goldberg over at Daily Beast wrote a great article on Homeschoolers Anonymous. And now people don’t like that we exist because they are afraid …
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So I wrote a blog post on the suppression of women in the A.C.E curriculum over at Leaving Fundamentalism. (Check it out). As most of you know, fundamentalism is a more stiff form of evangelicalism, where women generally wear only dresses, read only the KJV, and families stick to stiff gender roles. The religion is …
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I am doing a mini-series on my childhood readings. I already wrote about Elsie Dinsmore. Today I will discuss missionary and evangelist stories. Missionary stories occupied most of my childhood and was integrated into our fundamentalist curriculum and literature. George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, and Adoniram Judson are to fundamentalism what saints represent to the Catholic …
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Prayer and  post evangelicalism

On the outside, my childhood looked blissful. I was raised outside the box, free to roam and explore. I was raised to think wide and deep, to argue and to question. My home was overtaken in creativity. On the outside, we looked normal. At the same time I was sheltered from ideas. I was free …
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