The Unfundamental Conversion
Life Cycle Socks

Content Note: Women’s cycle. I did not realize it was a homeschool thing. Or just a conservative thing. Or unique to some families. I thought almost every man er family tracked mom’s cycle, and all the daughter’s cycles too. Libby Anne recently wrote a post on Charting Your (Wife’s) Monthy Cycle. Here’s what she says: …
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Since I haven’t blogged about where I live in SE Asia, when I say SE Asia, I actually don’t mean the whole dang region of SE Asia. It’s terribly unfair that when I blog about the culture, it lumps the Khmer in the same group as the Thais or the Thais in the same group …
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Collision in advance?

Today I had orientation at my graduate program. It was depressing. I walked in the classroom and heard so many great conversations – that I would never hear anywhere else. On Foucoult, and postmodern political theory, and the problems of language. I was so excited about entering an academic conversation IN MY OWN LANGUAGE. But …
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Socially Constructed Images

I’m tired of living in a socially constructed world. It wears and tears on the soul. From the moment of birth society constructs us to its imagine. We are the mirror of our surroundings. Sure some of us come out a bit too hyper, or a bit too out-of-the-box, or a bit too bold, or …
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elizabeth stanton

Because of my gendered childhood and frustration as a second class citizen in the church, I’ve struggled in the church. I still get irritated when the church oppresses women, and sometimes I just cry. But today I want to discuss how – if at all – women can resist the dominant ideology of anti-feminism. I. …
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Margaret Polk (nee Bazis, Wischum)

Some people can be married for 65 years and still give terrible marriage advice. My grandmother is one of those, but I still enjoy hearing her stories because it teaches me about my heritage, the lies that were passed down from one generation to the next. Here’s a couple. tomhe / Christmas Photos / CC …
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So I’m contributing to a new organization called Homeschoolers Anonymous. We are a collective voice of homeschool graduates, sharing our stories of the negative side of our homeschooling experiences. Naturally, we’re controversial.  Michelle Goldberg over at Daily Beast wrote a great article on Homeschoolers Anonymous. And now people don’t like that we exist because they are afraid …
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I hang out with a lot of guys. Actually that’s not exactly true because at my home in Asia, most of my friends are Asian women, and I have no western friends there my age at all.  But back in the US, most of my in real life friends are guys. And most of them …
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Shine on my little girl

I write a lot about how missions and travel changed me. Travel led my heart away from fundamentalism and opened my mind to other ideas. Missions forced me to choose between my integrity and belief Add Media in hell. International living led me to see real poverty and real corruption and made me see through …
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Feminism matters because people matter. We often say, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” Its true. One day while swimming with a friend on a different continent than my home country, I asked her, speaking a different tongue than I am writing now, “Do you ever wish you were a boy?” She …
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