The Unfundamental Conversion
CROSS Sacral Stavros from the Temple Repositories of Knossos 1600 BCE Heraclion Museum Greece

When I gave up believing in a traditional notion of hell, I did not really choose to stop believing in hell. It just stopped making sense. Think about it this way. Imagine that someone tells you to believe that elves and ferries are real. Probably you can’t make yourself believe it. That was what happened …
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At my old church in South East Asia, we prayed one prayer more than any other. Or maybe two. But there was one prayer that kept coming up over and over – Lord, let your kingdom come, on earth. Or, let your glory fall on this place. I have a problem with the whole idea …
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Missions, Premodernism, and History

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in History | Missions - (4 Comments)

Modernism still remains so embedded in my brain, but every now and then, I have a rupture where I see through it. This happened the other day when I was reading Gadamer. Last year I took a graduate course on the function of history in modernity. History is not neutral. We structure the past in …
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After I wrote my post yesterday on a personal glimpse of why I fell in love with missions, I realized a lot more needs to be said. In fact, I think we are wanderers in the church. We don’t know where to turn in terms of the globalization of the church. (History departments are looking …
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This post is a response to What is the Purpose of International Missions? Or rather, this is no response at all, because I am broken, doubting the words I choose to share, binding up the wounds I make, rejoicing when I don’t rejoice, and pleading out the gospel I fail to live. This is simply …
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I. As an AWANA (evangelical Bible club) kid, I used to frequently recite this verse from Romans. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. Of course, gospel, as defined as an evangelical, meant that God had swept us up …
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As a few readers have noticed, throughout my blog I’ve mentioned this deep hope that a good God actually exists so that he can bring hope and healing to this broken world. Some readers have asked whether or not this is a wishful hope, or if this is this is one of anticipation. To be …
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So I wrote a blog post on the suppression of women in the A.C.E curriculum over at Leaving Fundamentalism. (Check it out). As most of you know, fundamentalism is a more stiff form of evangelicalism, where women generally wear only dresses, read only the KJV, and families stick to stiff gender roles. The religion is …
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Missions As Social Justice

March 28th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions | SE Asia - (6 Comments)
Unfundamental Missions and Social Justice

Over at A Life Overseas, a long-time missionary weighed in on changing face of missions.The points she made were great. But I think there is another huge change– less and less missionaries are fundamentalists, the soul-winning-knock-on-doors-hell-and-brimstone type. Maybe A.C.E. is playing in my mind over and over here, and I’m just ignorant. But when I …
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On Missions and Converting people

December 8th, 2012 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions - (8 Comments)

  Fascinating conversation going on at A Life Oversees today. Laura Parker quotes an an interview with the social activists Matthew McDaniel, who argues that missionaries have had more long term negative effects than good on a particular indigenous tribal group in SE Asia. Here a quote from the interview. What does the dialogue usually …
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