The Unfundamental Conversion
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People often ask me if I believe in God for a rational reason or if I believe on faith. Usually I answer a rational reason. After all, I am a student of the humanities, and I have had more formal training in rational belief than most naturalists outside the academy. Incidently I stumbled across this …
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Who dressed YOU?

Last year at this time I was in Asia – the last three October’s I was in Asia, in fact. Halloween day was hard on me – harder than most US holidays we don’t celebrate over in Asia. In the tribes ghosts and witches are real. Not real in the sense that I believe in …
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chain people

My post Duggars are Not Crazy caused quite the stir.  It was mentioned on Freethought Blogs, The American Conservative, and The Dish as well as a few small personal blogs. From the commenting sections both here, there, and over at Homeschoolers Anonymous and No Longer Quivering, I noticed four reactions. 1) OMG I GET LANA. …
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Problem of Interpretation

July 30th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Philosophy | Religion - (3 Comments)
Camino de Meditación / Meditation's way

During my undergraduate program, I developed a keen interest in what we call critical theory of literature, which is the philosophy of art and literature that deals with how to read a text. Of course, this is too simplistic, and I could go on describing this vast field, but at least in part (though by …
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Strenuo relativismo - (Brave relativism)

Growing up Christian conservative, I had a lot of misconceptions about what secular people and even postmodern Christians believed about right and wrong. I had a pessimistic view of ethics, believing that relativism meant truth was non-existent. That is, I believed in the “anything goes” mentality. Without God, by default anything goes. I thought this …
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drops of spring

The other day I was on an online debate forum discussing hell when someone commented that God is infinitely good, and therefore, we must trust God’s reason for casting the unbeliever into eternal hell. Obviously, I do not believe any criminal deserves eternity for his temporary crime, but more important, the argument was not settling …
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365::225 - The Dark Half

Note: the big idea in this entry comes from an old friend Brandon. In science, in philosophy, and in all intelligible discourse, we try to prove that we are right using various tools, usually logic and science. The problem is that in the modern and postmodern era those means (science and logic) were called into …
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Karen Hilltribe boy making offering to forest spirits

Many of my Christian friends insist that the reason they know God exists is because of a spiritual experience or spiritual sensation. They say those who don’t believe in God, do not believe because they lack an experience (except Calvinists say unbelievers lack both the experience of God and God’s favor). In philosophy we would …
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Why Doubting is Okay

March 18th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | Religion - (13 Comments)
Question mark

I’ve always doubted. I’ve doubted the existence of God, and I’ve doubted the non-existence of God. When I was eight, I couldn’t think of who created God, and since we all must have a creator, this gave me a problem. I resorted to the “illusion” argument. My dolls were real people in my mind, so …
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