The Unfundamental Conversion
Morrisburg Church

I have always struggled with being a loner. There are many reasons for this. For one,  I was sheltered for 12 years, and have never fully integrated into North American society. I also spent three years living in Asia. And I’m a philosopher, so I think different. Yet, in many ways, my loneliest encounters with others …
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Tree - leaf canopy

Evangelicals believe that a long, long, long time ago, when God created the world, God created people with absolute free will to choose sin or righteousness, to choose God or death. The trick, though, is that God knew that man would choose sin. He knew it. And God knew it while also knowing that he …
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If you have followed by blog since the beginning, this is a story you have heard at least in part before. This post is part of a three part series I am doing on three defining moments on my faith. These stories will come out in consecutive days. People frequently ask me why I am …
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drops of spring

The other day I was on an online debate forum discussing hell when someone commented that God is infinitely good, and therefore, we must trust God’s reason for casting the unbeliever into eternal hell. Obviously, I do not believe any criminal deserves eternity for his temporary crime, but more important, the argument was not settling …
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Amsterdam Homes and a Little Pot Shop

Stuck in Customs / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I started this blog a few months ago to write my journey away from Calvinism and other evangelical teachings. But I soon realize that although I had left fundamentalism ten years ago, the tiny homeschool bubble that had surrounded me through all my developmental years had affected …
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Recently I read Dan, an atheist blogger for patheos, Fincke’s deconversion from Christianity. Apparently he also converted to Calvinism before his deconversion – seems to be a trend among intellectual students – and he did so for similar reasons that I converted back in high school. Here’s how explains Calvinism.  For some mysterious reason beyond …
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I wrote about how, when I was a Calvinist, I believed it was wrong to call Jesus a friend.  But I just thought of another problem with my former belief system. In practical terms I was a Deists; that, is, practically I believed God had created the world but was not intimately involved in it. (This came out to …
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Evangelical culture

Most of my early years, I thought of Jesus as holy rather than personal. First, the fundamentalists gave me this picture of Jesus being really distant. Then I eased my way into Calvinism about the time my parents left Bill Gothard’s fundamental organization ATI, and my dad started learning grace. Like fundamentalists, some reformed people often …
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evangelical hell

I have a few thoughts  after reading this interview with a Calvinists on Rachel Held Evan’s blog.  Its one of her old blog posts, I know, I know, but as as a former Calvinist, I also found it Here’s the “best” quote. John Piper once said something to the effect that if you’ve become a …
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I brought up Calvinism in my post yesterday because I think its a great example of how my evangelical understanding of the Bible shaped me. I also bring this up because for me, leaving Calvinism freed me to leave the fundamental faith. Let me explain with this example. Think of fundamentalism as the foundation and …
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