The Unfundamental Conversion

When I took a graduate course on postmodern philosophy, it did not just make me a better liberal. It also made me a better conservative. In our society, we immediate identify people by their origin. Wherever I go, I am always identified as the outsider because I have a deep Southern accent. Wherever we go, …
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Christmas #23 - One hundred sigma

So this preweekend I had over 500 views in my home community alone, and I had a LOT of emails from from a couple people of the past.  Honestly this blog has been a special haven to me the last year because it’s been the one place where I’ve been real. For the first time …
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Since I haven’t blogged about where I live in SE Asia, when I say SE Asia, I actually don’t mean the whole dang region of SE Asia. It’s terribly unfair that when I blog about the culture, it lumps the Khmer in the same group as the Thais or the Thais in the same group …
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After I wrote my post yesterday on a personal glimpse of why I fell in love with missions, I realized a lot more needs to be said. In fact, I think we are wanderers in the church. We don’t know where to turn in terms of the globalization of the church. (History departments are looking …
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