The Unfundamental Conversion

The downside of the cute, quiet  ATI-patriarchal-quiverfull life of the Duggar family is now all over mainstream media. While it’s somewhat of a relief to see the public realize that conservative homeschooling is not as innocent as it seems, as an ATi alum myself, it’s also gets very triggering and downright weary to hear the media mock my …
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  For months, and for years, I have pleaded with the American public to stop glorifying the Duggar family and to get the Duggars off TV. It has pained me, indeed hurt me, to see a family who grew up in the same subculture as I did, make headlines. I have called 19 kids and …
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Hi, everyone, I did an audio recording, where I argue that saying the Duggars are uber-godly or uber-evil cultivates an attitude that does not help free the Duggars. The recording is not perfect because I don’t have an edit button like I do in typing. For example, I forgot to mention that yes, it’s possible …
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  In a post the other day, I mentioned that homeschoolers tend to be sheltered from secular ideas – to the extent that homeschool students are often not allowed to disagree with their parents or formulate their own opinions. The post lacked clarity in several areas. I am a graduate student and have been writing …
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Life Cycle Socks

Content Note: Women’s cycle. I did not realize it was a homeschool thing. Or just a conservative thing. Or unique to some families. I thought almost every man er family tracked mom’s cycle, and all the daughter’s cycles too. Libby Anne recently wrote a post on Charting Your (Wife’s) Monthy Cycle. Here’s what she says: …
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children's institute

Over at Homeschoolers Anonymous, they are doing a series called Inside ATI: A Homeschooling Cult. My regular readers may know that I grew up in this national homeschool program called ATIA (now called ATI) led by Bill Gothard. The series is sort of triggering for me. For a good reason. It brings back so much …
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My Curse and ATI Leftovers

November 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (7 Comments)
Ribbon of light across a mountain - Denali National Park, Alaska landscape

When I was a kid, we did ATI for years (if you don’t know what ATI is, just be blessed; you’ve been spared pain). And we learned about how we were cursed with generational sin. And even though my dad has rejected everything else in ATI, he has not let go of the curse talk. …
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This post was triggered by this outstanding paragraph by Frank Schaeffer, son of one of the most famous evangelicals of the 20th century. In other words, the big guys said it. So did my family. I grew up in a reformed Calvinist missionary household where the dirtiest word in the English language was “compromise.” The …
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Legalism in SE Asia

August 12th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions | SE Asia - (1 Comments)

I. I grew up in the fundamental organization ATI, or Advanced Training Institute, which is a kick ass way of saying I was trained to change the world. Anyways, the organization – and all it’s partners, including the Institute of Basic Life Principles – completely sucks. Thanks to ATI, my parents threw away our cabbage …
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MG4164.jpg Lola, a 12-year old caucasian girl studying for the big exam

I. Growing up, I had very little concept of “school” in the traditional sense. While we were not unschoolers or a family who did child-directed learning, we did not even try to bring school home. We were our own breed. In my elementary years we just did the ATI wisdom booklets, checked out tons of …
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