The Unfundamental Conversion

  For months, and for years, I have pleaded with the American public to stop glorifying the Duggar family and to get the Duggars off TV. It has pained me, indeed hurt me, to see a family who grew up in the same subculture as I did, make headlines. I have called 19 kids and …
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Caught Between Two Ages

February 1st, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Culture | Missions | SE Asia - (0 Comments)
There Can Be Only One

*trigger warning for sex trade* I’ve often said that I’ve felt misplaced. I’ve been saying this since I was a little girl of 6 or 8, but I was born in the wrong age. Initially this was because I was homeschooled and had no way to identify with the current culture. After all, I was …
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math notebooking clock

I watched America Tonight on oversight in American homeschooling. The segment reports on how lack of oversight has allowed families to not educate or even abuse their children. This, of course, is not to say that parents should not have the opportunity to homeschool their kids, but it seems obvious enough that if states do …
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I keep saying I’m going to write-up about the weaknesses (and the really bad part) in missions, and also, write about how I think missions should function differently. Before I throw myself into those posts, I thought I’d make a little confession, then tell a bit of a story. When I first went to Asia, …
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HSLDA Never Did Care About Us

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (2 Comments)

As a kid, my mother told me stories about homeschooling rights. She read me the court reports put out by HSLDA – the Homeschool Legel Defense Association. She told me about how HSLDA and the homeschoolers before us had made homeschooling “legal” for us. She had us write our state legislation when laws infringed upon …
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I.   “Her father-in-law kicked her out of the house when she would not give up Jesus.” “What? father -in-law? Is her husband dead?” I asked while chopping up a tree with a local tribal woman. “No, no. Her husband is still at his father’s house. But see, her husband is not the patriarch. The …
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The Lincoln Memorial

By now most people have probably heard of the dominionism in homeschooling and conservative evangelical circles – the idea that homeschoolers will change the world by their involvement in absolutely everything, from science to the high arts to politics. Oddly even after I rejected patriarchalism (and courtship and purity), I still saw myself as a …
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Daily I tremble in memory of friends left behind. As a Daughter of Patriarchy and fundamentalism, I am left to remember all the faces of those who didn’t make it out. I suffer from survivors guilt.  I don’t suffer from the spiritual abuse so much. I can accept that I will always be a foreigner …
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So my grandmother has Alzheimer disease or some other kind of dementia. At this point she can still dial numbers and remember names (although it can take a while to recall names, so she may tend to say phrases such as, “your husband told me” rather refer to a specific name). But there are large …
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...Just a Little Girl, Lost in the Moment

I grew up afraid of the Child Protective Services. Deathly afraid. On the back of our front door, we had a piece of paper, given to us by Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) that directed us on how to handle the CPS if it were to come after us. See, we were homeschooled, and we …
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