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Survey From Kevin Swanson, Dr. Brian Ray, and HSLDA

July 14th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Fundamental/Evangelical | Homeschool | Patriarchy
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So today I came across a survey from Kevin Swanson, who is working with Dr. Brian Ray and HSLDA, to survey homeschool graduates (and others raised in Christian homes) on “spiritual health.” I quote what I received.

After 30 years of a homeschool movement, we’ve learned something of the academic success and the socio-economic successes by various surveys. But what about the spiritual condition of the graduates of this first generation of home education? How did we do? What were the educational, cultural, relational, and spiritual influences in our children’s lives, and where are they today?

From all reports, the millennial generation is less committed to a Christian worldview; they’re leaving the institutional church; and they are the most narcissistic, the laziest, the most unsuccessful, and the most spiritually bankrupt generation ever. (Reference:;,9171,2143001,00.html).

So. . . what about our children? What is the condition of our homeschool graduates? What happened to those children raised in Christian homes back in the 1990s? Where are they now?

Introducing. . . The Gen 2 Survey.

We have released the Generation 2 survey for every young person (18-35 years of age), Christian, Non-Christian, Public Schooled, Private Schooled, and Home Schooled.

The survey is anonymous (there is no tracing of answers to sources). It will take 10-20 minutes to complete, and each participant enters a contest to win one of THREE I-PAD MINI’s!

Click here to visit the Survey Webpage:

We Need Your Help!

Please pass this survey on to every young person 18-35 years of age that you know (preferably raised in Christian homes in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s)! Pass it along to churches, homeschool support groups, or any family you know with older children.

Click here to visit the Survey Webpage:

Now Dr. Brian Ray already has done surveys on homeschool socialization, and homeschool academics, but he seems to have surveyed upper middle class families and other privileged people, so his survey is not recognized as very accurate. Anything coming out of the mouth of Kevin Swanson is under suspicious. So I immediately clicked the survey. It’s classic homeschool, covering.

: Your stance on abortion
:: Your stance on 24-hour 7 day creation
:: Did your father teach you “Biblical principles”?
:: Your stance on a limited government
:: What party did you vote for in the last election?
:: What do you believe about sex outside marriage?
:: Are you happy?
:: Do you do religious volunteer work?
:: Have you viewed pornography lately?
:: Did you rebell as a teenager?

Of course, it also asks the typical homeschool questions, such as what curriculum did your family use, would you homeschool your kids, etc.

The funny part of the survey goes without saying. What does my perspective of abortion, sex, and politics really say about my spiritual health? (Which, to Swanson, is loosely defined as not narcissistic, lazy, unsuccessful, or spiritually bankrupt.) Because I’m very happy, confident, busy, successful, and a risk taker, I don’t watch TV or movies, but I am not your regular church goer, or conserverative.

And I had no clue what to say about the number of missions trips I went in the last year, when technically up until the new year, I’ve been living overseas.

And also the question about whether I believe all people go to heaven or not is pretty limited when some of actually believe people come choose to come back to the physical realm again. I understand most Americans believe in heaven, or no heaven, and nothing in between. But technically reincarnation is a major held belief, and we can’t just ignore it. If given the option, I might ask to come back as a bird, but maybe I’m just weird. ;p

Oh well.

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  • Hmm, sounds like the same way they disseminated that survey Ray did in the early 2000s–completely unscientific email forwards.

    • Lana Hope

      Oh, I know. They are going to clog up the survey with other conservatives because conservatives know conservatives.

      • I did the last one and remember telling everybody after I took it not to believe a thing in it because of the leading questions and self-selected subjects.

        • Christine

          I followed Lana’s link, thinking I’d go and skew their numbers more towards reality. But unless you’re living in exactly their world, none of the questions allow you to make any sense when you answer. Youth ministry is either fun & fellowship OR biblical living. I’m not quite sure where standard theology and service projects fall in there. No real info about church size can be gathered, unless you go to a tiny church (my husband’s denomination likes that churches be small enough to know everyone, and he’d fall into the largest category).

          • Lana Hope

            I know, lol. I have no idea. And I also don’t know what homeschool friendly church means.

        • Lana Hope

          They should let us make our own survey questions. If they want to ask about abortion, they should cover all the positions, not just the polar extremes.

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