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How Homeschoolers Reacted to Sandy Hook

January 30th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool | Spiritual Abuse

Alabama school bus had a kidnapping and shooting. Today a facebook friend posted that link and told everyone to get their kids out of public schools now. today. And that made me think.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, the widely held belief  among the evangelical right was that we need to put God “back” in the schools. Public prayer, ten commands, etc. The extreme homeschoolers had a different twist to the story. We need to pull our kids “out” of the school. This is what Kevin Swanson of Generations With Vision had to say:

Public schools are dangerous to body and soul.  If parents won’t pull their children out for the godless content of the curriculum (that erodes all reverence and recognition of God), then maybe they will do it for their bodily protection.   Don’t forget, the Columbine shooters referred to “Natural Selection” often on their web entries, and wore the moniker on their T-shirts as they conducted the executions.

Prediction: The homeschooling movement will grow in Connecticut.  I was Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado during the Columbine shootings, and home education inquiries increased 50% during the six months following the shootings.

And this is what my facebook newsfeed said:


While the Religious Right was out hollering that the problem was we kicked God out of schools, the extreme homeschoolers were making ill remarks to the grieving parents. Thankfully, Mike Farris of HSLDA responded by posting this on his facebook page.

I would hope that my fellow homeschoolers would resist any temptation to use this tragedy as a means of urging parents to change their educational choices.

All parents need to stand beside these parents in their grief and do only one thing–support them in love as best we can. All educators need to stand beside these educators in their grief and pray for them as we would want them to pray for us.

Today is not a day to point fingers. Today is a day to hold our brothers and sisters by the hand and say loudly, “Your loss is our loss. Your pain is our pain.”

God’s love through us is the only appropriate message of this hour.

~~~Michael Farris

Good for him.

Unfortunately, despite how most homeschoolers are mature enough to not point fingers during a tragedy, there is still the underling idea in many circles that homeschool is safe, and public school is dangerous (gun wise). I heard this my entire life, and my facebook newsfeed is still reflecting this fear from among my more conservative homeschool friends.

Here’s the ironic part.

These two tragedies I mentioned weren’t even caused by a public school administrator, staff, or teacher, the so called bearers of our godless curriculum. They were caused by people of the outside.  Public school teachers did not kill the kids. Other people did.

And might I mention that way more kids die from their parents than in school shootings, and random shootings happen in people’s homes too.

Delric Miller’s life ended at 9 months and Angel Mauro Cortez Nava’s at 14 months.

Delric was in the living room of a home on Detroit’s west side Feb. 20 when someone sprayed it with gunfire from an AK-47. Other children in the home at the time were not injured.

Angel was cradled in his father’s arms on a sidewalk near their home in Los Angeles when a bicyclist rode by on June 4 and opened fire, killing the infant.

My friends might say, “But my house is different. I wouldn’t kill my kids, and we live in a good neighborhood.” My intent isn’t to get anyone to stop homeschooling. Homeschooling can be very rewarding. Just know that shootings can still happen anywhere. Life is life.

And as always, lets remember that every kid doesn’t have a stable home. That is why, for those kids, public school is, in fact, safer.

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  • JW

    This makes me think of a friend of mine who homeschooled her 3 girls. She said she didn’t want them to come under the influence of secular school mess and wanted to raise them up under the banner of God. She ascribed to the Word of Faith concept and I often confronted her with his illusions of it to which she would rebuke me and I would confront that as well. She was a black woman married to a white man with 3 black girls (black dads). Well, her 2 oldest got pregnant but I don’t know the circumstances of how they came to know the guys.She ran a very tight household and I told her daughters that I felt sorry for what they have to endure. The strictness was very ridiculous. BTW, this lady died of cancer to which she believe God would heal her. I often ask myself how many others refuse medical treatment because they believe God will heal them and then I ask, how often will God perform some kind of miracle to heal a person? Sometimes it makes me teeter on Deism.

    • Wow. Just wow.

  • I’d hope that Michael Farris said this because it was the right thing to do but the cynical side of me wonders if he said it because the Sandy Hook shooter was one of us in a way. Adam Lanza was an isolated homeschool kid, pulled out of public school in 10th grade. Homeschooling doesn’t look like such a squeaky clean solution if you look at it that way, or if you read about this other kid.

    • GOOD point. And as I said, I think even if the majority of homeschoolers wouldn’t say such ill remarks during a tragedy, the rest of the year we still think i t.

  • Jo

    I’ve been interning in a behavior modification special ed classroom for my degree and I really had to agree with your last line. The home life for some of these kids is horrible. Today we had a situation where an autistic boy was really acting out toward women because he was projecting his mother onto them – and she’s abusing him. It is a heartbreaking thing when a school classroom is better for kids than their own home. But thank God this kid and others like him have that place to go. Once we realized what he was trying to say through his behavior (his mom is choking him) he calmed down and now appropriate steps are being taken to try to help his home life.

    • Oh yes. That’s part of the problem with public education. Some kids have it so bad that doing academics is the least of what they want to do. It’s impossible to just address one side of the child’s needs. Of course, that’s why we have counseling.


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