The Unfundamental Conversion


One large feature of my blog is Christian philosophy and apologetics from a non-traditional perspective. As a philosopher in training, I discuss the ways in which philosophy can offer us insights into our culture and our faith. I believe that philosophy can offer theological insights. However, we must discuss this insights with care – as many of my posts explains, most of the arguments used for or against God’s existences, are deeply problematic.

To read all my philosophy posts, browse the philosophy category. For highlights, see some of the following posts:

Faith and Philosophy

The Bible Reads Me
Confirmation Bias, Worldview Bias
Hume-Kant Response to Richard Dawkins
We Cannot Step Outside Tradition: Thoughts for Protestants
Why Sound Reason Really Matters


About Modernity

How Enlightenment Intensifies the Baggage of Original Sin
God is Dead, Part 1.
God is Dead, Part 2.
God is Dead, Part 3


The Problem with How Fundamentalists Use the Word Individualism

 Christian Apologetics

 Christian Apologetics: Can Morality be a “Defense” of Christianity?
Apostate Chapter 9: Karl Marx


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