The Unfundamental Conversion

I have been thinking — a lot — about the current situation in Syria, and the realities that refugees face, not just the sheer horror and evil they face in staying or fleeing, but the realities that the survivors will face if and when they are assimilated in new cultures.  Many people are writing on …
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  photo taken in Bellingham, Washington Around three years ago I changed my mind about LGBT individuals and their right to marry. I grew up in a family who did not really acknowledge or mention gays. I had no idea gays even existed until a guy in our homeschool group married someone whose mother was lesbian, …
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I have posts, in my drafts, that are incomplete and that I seriously need to complete. In the meantime, I graduated with my MA and am starting a new graduate program in Eastern Canada. I  currently live in Vancouver, Canada, and will be traveling out east via both the USA and Canada. If you live …
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  For months, and for years, I have pleaded with the American public to stop glorifying the Duggar family and to get the Duggars off TV. It has pained me, indeed hurt me, to see a family who grew up in the same subculture as I did, make headlines. I have called 19 kids and …
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A few weeks ago, Darcy challenged the notion that we should use God to justify our choices. It has really stuck with me. She explains, The me of today doesn’t believe I need to use God to justify my choices. I’ve done that my whole life….used scripture and God and “God’s will” to make decisions …
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Over at No Longer Quivering, Kristen examines an article written by a passionate complementarian. Complementarianism, as you probably know, is the belief that men and women are different, so different that they have different roles, with the man being the leader and the woman being called to submit. The main argument of the article that …
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same sex marriage

  I recently took this photo in Bellingham, Washington. Dwight Logennecker recently wrote a piece called, “Why Same-Sex Marriage is Impossible for Catholics.” I am not interested in defending Catholicism or transhing Catholicism, but I am interested in this conversation because it helps us understand that if same-sex marriage is impossible for Catholics, it’s nearly inevitable for evangelicals. Catholics …
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College After Homeschooling

April 28th, 2015 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool - (10 Comments)

Most of my readers know that the last four semester I have been in graduate school. I am graduating with my masters degree next month, and so I have been reflecting on the experience lately. Grad school has been surprisingly positive for me. To understand why, we should zoom back ten years ago. In Fall 2005, …
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When I left my fundamentalist upbringing behind, I left it all, all my roots, all my friends, all the things that connected me to the past. They say people need roots, but I have none. When I’m lonely, I have no where to turn, except to people of the moment. When people talk of old family …
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We live in a modern age, and modernists are quick to refer their opponents in debates to “the EVIDENCE.” “The evidence suggests,” you will hear people say. Frequently. When discussing whether or not God exists, atheists will say, “But there is no evidence that anything supernatural exists,” and then their opponents will turn around and …
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