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How Fox News Supported Trump

March 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Lana Hope in Politics



I watched the Republican debate, held in Detroit, Michigan tonight, online.

Most of the “debate” was not surprising. We all expected the debate to go something like this: Trump insults everyone; Rubio insults Trump; Kasich stays out of it “like an adult”; Cruz repeats over and over that he will repel Obama Care; and no one actually debates the important issues. And that is pretty much how the  debate went.

However, what is surprising is how Fox essentially supported Trump. Not only did they give Trump the most airtime and give Trump the final word, but they asked each of the candidates an impossible question at the end. The question went as follows:

“If Trump wins the nominee, will you support him in the general election?”

Imagine this question from Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz’s perspective. The people voting for them in the upcoming primaries and caucuses the next two key week are Republicans who also hate Hillary. These conservative voters want to know who will stand against Hillary and who can beat Hillary in the general election. In fact, the hatred that the Republicans have for Hillary came up in the Q&A between Bill O’Reilly and Ted Cruz, when O’Reilly pointed out that voters are not just concerned with “whose the best man,” but “who can beat Hillary?” This is why the question “who can beat Hillary” came up over and over again in the debate tonight; real issues and real content was not debated, but “who can beat Hillary?” was mentioned several times.

Let us ignore the fact that the candidates are essentially loyally bound to support their party. If Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz answered the question by saying that they support the Republican party, “except if Trump wins, then I support Hillary,” then they would have lost their voters. Tomorrow all the headlines would have read, “The candidates betray their party,” and Trumps polls would have risen. In the same manner, if they had answered that they would support an independent over Trump, that too would be a betrayal of their party, still supporting Hillary indirectly, and even more voters would lose interest in any candidate but Trump.

On the other hand, since Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz said, “yes, I will support Trump if he wins,” they have essentially told the voters that it’s okay to vote for a fraud, cheater, and all the other more negative words Trump was called during the debate.

If the candidates had said, “no, I won’t support Trump,” Trump would have gotten a significant boos. Since they said, yes, they conceded to Trump, a man who they believe is a fraud.

If they said, “no,” they would have gotten media reticule for their betrayal. since they said, “yes,” media says this.

But one thing is clear: The anti-Trump movement is overrated. If he wins the nomination, Republicans will fall in line, more eager to win the Oval Office than stop a dangerous strongman.

Whose side is Fox really on? At some point, the media needs to admit that they are helping Trump rise. Trump is a fire and the media just feeds logs on the fire all night long, and believe me, the darkness and night are only getting longer.

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  • I have a very hard time with these elections. One thing that is stirring me, though, is the protesters I see at Trump rally’s. That is a sign that he is making some people made, on the left, and to me that is a good thing. Cruz and Rubio are not having this kind of stuff happen. Those protesters cause me to want to vote for Trump as a vote against those protesters.

    • why is making people on the left mad a good thing? How is a president going to be effective if he makes everyone angry and violent?

      • Why is making people on the left made a good thing? Because the left is responsible for many of the ridiculous things going on in America beginning with Political correctness. It is more about establishing common sense. The left seeks to divide America and it is doing a very good job. With the left there is no such thing as illegal immigration. No such thing as the babies right to life because it is all about the woman. With women it becomes all about independence and becoming a feminist and taking control over men. No such thing as equality with men.
        This isn’t about making the left made. It is about getting back to common sense and it makes the left mad because they don’t work in common sense. They work in an agenda that is constantly looking for equality and tolerance while they do not abide in it themselves.

        Trump is an empty suit but Trump is giving voice to what many people have in their hearts in America and that is why many show up to his rallies. The protesters anger them because they show their own hatred to the what Trump is voicing and yet it is the voice of many American’s. Look at stats of how many people show up to his rallies. Why? Because he is speaking to the pulse of many and that pulse has deep anger in it. Where does it come from? Seeds from the left. And then you ask why is it a good thing to make the left angry? Is it ok to make the right angry and leave them with no voice? Trump is giving voice to that anger.

        I will not be voting for Trump because I think he is an empty suit but much of what he is saying I am in agreement with.

        What things make you angry of what he says?

        • I want to share something that is really scary. Trump is being prayed for. That is not the scary part. It is who is praying for him that is the scary part. False teachers of the prosperity teaching. Funny thing is the Ken Copeland prays over Trump and then Ken, later, says that he believes Cruz will be the next President of the U.S. Ken should be ashamed of himself regardless of what happens.

          • Here is Ken’s comment about ted Cruz.

          • I want to add in the Muslim issue. Muslims for Peace was outside of the Trump Rally. I don’t know if they were inside or not but Trump has said some words about Islam and that is because of terrorism. Muslims are responsible for the greatest amount of terrorist acts. They are the reason for the TSA being created. Thank a Muslim next time you are disgusted about it and need to give up the freedom to come and go as you choose. There are home grown terrorists as well but Obama will not use those words so Trump will. We find these Muslims being radicalized in local mosques (and overseas) but I don’t see much about fellow Muslims speaking out against them or helping police to stop them. Why is that? You don’t see that type of fruit in Christendom.
            Speak ill of Muhammed, as some will of Jesus, and see what a Muslims may do you to in outrage vs. what a Christian will do to you in outrage. Obama won’t speak to that but Trump will. Again, it is because many Americans are fed up with Political correctness. Trump is giving voice to that pain while Obama is trying to give it some other name.


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