The Unfundamental Conversion
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  (photo credit: don’t remember)  In this series, I am evaluating the shift between the premodern world and the modern world that would not only explain why God died at a societal level, but also illuminate why the church has failed at their attempts to stop the spread of secularism. In my last post, I …
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Buddhism 101: Who Is Jesus?

September 6th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in World Religions - (1 Comments)
Folded lotus blossoms

This series is an Q&A with Buddhists from other countries. These are the opinions of different individuals who all come from different countries and have different experiences with Buddhism. Who do you believe Jesus was? Do you think Jesus reached enlightenment like Buddha did? Kenneth (China) Jesus was an enlightened teacher and I think he’s …
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This is a project series interviewing  Buddhists in other countries. Todays questions involve morality, such as what do Buddhists think of modesty, gays, premarital sex, etc. As always, the questions and answers do very just as they do in Christianity. What is “sin? How do people stop this “sin” problem? Kenneth (China) There is no …
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Buddhism 101: Life After Death

September 4th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in World Religions - (11 Comments)

I haven’t forgotten about my Buddhist project. This is a Q&A project with Buddists from different countries who have different experiences and perspectives.  Today we will talk about life after death, tomorrow we will talk about morality (gays, sex, modesty, etc) and our final Q &A will look at the life of Jesus this Friday. …
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I. As an AWANA (evangelical Bible club) kid, I used to frequently recite this verse from Romans. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. Of course, gospel, as defined as an evangelical, meant that God had swept us up …
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As a child my family was very harsh on other faiths or religious philosophies, but we scoffed hardest at the universalists for teaching that “all religions lead to heaven.” Even after friending Buddhists, I still believed that universalists taught that all religious lead to heaven. Recently that changed for me when I began to see …
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This is a series highlights the perspective of Buddha and his teaching from Buddhists in different parts of the world. For the introduction to this series, and the background of these people, please click here. Additionally, you can find a link to the blogs of some of these individuals by clicking their name. “What do …
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Gospel of Tolerance

May 20th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions | World Religions - (38 Comments)

I was taught that tolerance was the moral enemy of the church. I was taught that tolerance meant to endorse or permit wrong doings. I was taught that tolerance was incompatible with my faith. I was taught that I could not love my neighbor and tolerate him or her at the same time. Many christians …
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Recently I read Dan, an atheist blogger for patheos, Fincke’s deconversion from Christianity. Apparently he also converted to Calvinism before his deconversion – seems to be a trend among intellectual students – and he did so for similar reasons that I converted back in high school. Here’s how explains Calvinism.  For some mysterious reason beyond …
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Karen Hilltribe boy making offering to forest spirits

Many of my Christian friends insist that the reason they know God exists is because of a spiritual experience or spiritual sensation. They say those who don’t believe in God, do not believe because they lack an experience (except Calvinists say unbelievers lack both the experience of God and God’s favor). In philosophy we would …
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