The Unfundamental Conversion

From Whence I Came

February 12th, 2017 | Posted by Lana Hope in Uncategorized - (6 Comments)

I held a little girl, a refugee, in my arms, as she wept. Wept in fear. Her mom was murdered. Her dad was fighting to maintain her way of life. She was only 6 or 7 and rooming with a group of strangers. When people ask me why I did not vote for Trump, why …
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I have posts, in my drafts, that are incomplete and that I seriously need to complete. In the meantime, I graduated with my MA and am starting a new graduate program in Eastern Canada. I  currently live in Vancouver, Canada, and will be traveling out east via both the USA and Canada. If you live …
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My FB NewsFeed

February 6th, 2015 | Posted by Lana Hope in Uncategorized - (7 Comments)
math notebooking clock

So I’ve sort of stopped blogging. I haven’t stop.stopped. I just haven’t posted. I would say there are three main reasons for this: 1)  I find the internet pretty negative lately. 2). I realize that I will inevitably end up offending someone who I really do not want to offend them. For example, in my last post …
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I am a very bold person, who tends to speak up too often, and listen too little. But in my life I am trying to speak less and listen more, so that I can be a peacemaker and not a peace breaker. While I’ve never had the ability to just believe what I was told, …
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Disqus: Yay, or Nay?

May 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Uncategorized - (12 Comments)

Hi, everyone, I’ve realized I need to get back to blogging NOW. I’ve procrastinated with my life enough. Question: Should I add Disqus commenting system? There is two reasons I have liked wordpresses built in system better. 1) You can link to your blogs easily. I love to check people’s blogs out. I think part …
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I spent the last week at an international academic conference in Vancouver where I presented a paper in the graduate student division. One night I laid in my bed in a dorm room and literally wept happy tears. The thing is, my research is very premature, and I had a couple internationally recognized scholars listen …
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I watch Tangled on TV at McDonalds this afternoon. I was supposed to be reading Paul Ricoeur (I had it on the table), but this is the time in the semester when I already have term papers semi-planned out, when our grad seminars are almost finished (they finish April 2nd), and when one more book …
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Homeschool donatation

I want your opinion. Some of you are teachers, some of you are homeschool graduates, some of you are parents. What we share in common is that we’ve probably all seen this picture around facebook. I’d like your opinion about what you think. I saw this picture the first time from one of my homeschool …
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dump house

Last week I wrote about the ethics of converting other people’s children, particularly on the missions field.   Since I came back to the states, I’ve really struggled on how to process, unlearn, and relive all that I experienced in my three years overseas.    I am no longer comfortable about much missions work. However, …
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciated all the comments on my last blog post. I always approve comments unless they are porn or personal threats to others here. Sometimes my spam checker makes me approve comments. Please know I will approve them. I don’t mind if you all debate amongst yourselves …
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