The Unfundamental Conversion
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I’ve been to around 25 or so countries, mostly in SE Asia and Europe. I do not consider myself a world traveler compared to most seasoned travelers, but I have seen more of the world than most people do their lifetime, so I cannot ignore my economic privilege, either. I wanted to write this post to …
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Immigration Laws are a Bear

August 29th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Politics | Travel - (3 Comments)
Wonderland Falling Tomorrow | 201.365

Immigration laws are a bear! I used to think America should stiffen up immigration laws, send back anyone who had sneaked into the country, and shun everyone who did not learn English. Then I became an immigrant. Or a temporary resident, rather. Let me tell ya, I’ll never say, “just learn English” or  “just learn” …
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See part 1. part 2. and part 3 for this to make sense. Now to pick off from Prague. I flew back to Asia and entered a very dark month. Of all places, I crashed in a hut made of mud up in the mountains. I would touch the walls, and lay down and cry, …
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Now I have told the story of how I gave up Calvinism and my belief in hell so slowly I barely noticed. But something much more significant had happened than just a change in theology: I had followed the integrety of my heart instead of the mind, instead of the scholars, instead of the Bible.  …
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Travel Narratives: New Brunswick

July 31st, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | Travel - (1 Comments)

I. On a warm Sunday morning on route towards Maine, I was walking the streets of St. John’s, New Brunswick, Canada. Actually I should say we were. And we looked the par of tourists. A tiny unit, two of us were in shorts, the youngest barefoot, all hyper, all with cameras. II. I parked the …
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I. One cold and rainy day I took the commuter train into the heart of Amsterdam. I was alone and was running to catch up with a tour group when a rugged guy from France caught up with me, “Hello, ma’am, do you visit coffee shops?” “I don’t drink coffee.” “No, I mean do you …
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I grew up in the rural south, and heard the negative remarks from adults that African-American kids were integrated into our school (no lie, at the end of kindergarten – I was not homeschooled until 1st grade – we had to take an academic test to get into the more academic school. Effectively this was …
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I am an Alien

July 13th, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions | SE Asia | Travel - (15 Comments)

I. I went on a 5000 mile road trip, across 6 Canadian providences and 12 states just in the last two weeks, and I pulled the plug on my scheduled posts. I am an alien in this land who writes because I am happier for it, but sometimes my heart needs silence. I just watched …
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Travel Series: Intro

June 21st, 2013 | Posted by Lana Hope in Travel - (11 Comments)

I often struggle to articulate why I fell in love with travel. To my fellow travelers I meet on the road, I need not explain, for we all know – though few can articulate – why I travel. To the workers I meet in the grocery store, I can give no words that could ever …
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Moonbow = Rainbow at Night

Along with the nature of this blog, I read a lot of religious and philosophy blogs. But as a traveler, I also read travel blogs, such as Soul Travelers 3, Living Outside of The Box, Uncornered Market, and Open Minded Travel. Recently I found a new travel blog that peaked my interest, Bounding Over Our …
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