The Unfundamental Conversion

If you follow developments in homeschool leadership, you likely know that prominent homeschool leader Bill Gothard is alleged to have sexually groomed and molested dozens of young women during his leadership career in homeschool and other fundamentalist Christian circles, beginning in the 1970s and continuing until he stepped down from leadership a couple years ago. You …
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I’m just a small blog, so don’t normally get that much disagreements voiced to my posts. But my post on Anna Duggar, not surprisingly, created a lot of controversial (for the controversial comments, check the cross-post comment sections on Homeschoolers Anonymous and No Longer Quivering).  In that post, I argued that we should leave Anna …
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photo again

I recently thought of this post, I wrote on Christmas Eve from my phone while with a few teenagers in Asia. We spent Christmas day floating around a pond in 80F/26C weather in shorts, and in the evening when the temperature had dropped to 68F/20C, I read a book out on a lawn chair while the kids were …
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Recently one of the girls I once babysat called me on phone. She wanted to talk about something that happened in the past between us. I miss her and her family, but mostly, when I look back, I feel pain. You see, starting when I was 11 or 12, I was put in the place of …
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As an adult, for the most part I have coped pretty well, almost to the point that even I forget that I have mental illness. This is not because my childhood was good. My childhood was a living nightmare. And it was a nightmare for more than just spiritual abuse. I was emotionally abused, to …
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doug phillips

Trigger warning: vivid descriptions of sexual assault. Last year we learned that Doug Philips, well-known homeschool father and homeschool business leader, had been involved in what he framed as a consensual extramarital relationship with another woman. Later on we heard the other side of the story, this time from the victim herself. Phillips had groomed …
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I’m Not Angry Anymore

February 11th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | SE Asia | Spiritual Abuse - (2 Comments)

People have noticed something about me. I’m not angry towards my parents or bitter at fundamentalism. For people who have not known me for ten years, they wonder what is wrong with me. Others just wonder if I’m playing too soft; if I’m letting fundamentalists or spiritual abusers off the hook. Less than 10 years …
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I lived in SE Asia for three years. I am going back, maybe sooner than I think. Life was difficult and busy. I did not blog or read blogs. I did not tweet. Instead I took care of troubled kids: and one kid killed a cat, another poked the eye out of a fish, and …
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Eyes - 47/365: B&W Portrait

This post by  Heather at Becoming Worldy is so freakin good. It’s entitled “Feeling Empathy for Christian Patriarchy Parents and Leaders.” I’ve been saying this for a long time. My parents were victims of spiritual abuse. My parents wanted to raise kids who loved the Lord, protect our hearts from pain and bad relationships, shelter …
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I’m a pretty forgiving person. Well, I don’t know about forgiving. But I’m understanding. Probably too much so. I know that I mess up, and I understand that others do too. I pretended to be perfect long enough that I’d rather people be honest and messy than be hidden and perfect. I know what it’s …
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