The Unfundamental Conversion

Caught Between Two Ages

February 1st, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Culture | Missions | SE Asia - (0 Comments)
There Can Be Only One

*trigger warning for sex trade* I’ve often said that I’ve felt misplaced. I’ve been saying this since I was a little girl of 6 or 8, but I was born in the wrong age. Initially this was because I was homeschooled and had no way to identify with the current culture. After all, I was …
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Did I Divorce the Church?

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Faith | Missions - (20 Comments)
Doi Inthanon 137

Laura Parker is one of my favorite bloggers. Fact: her blog is one of the best Christian blogs around. Laura paints and tells stories in such convincing tones. Her post today “Bride and Divoce” grasped my attention. Here’s an excerpt. If the Church is really the Bride, I’ll admit I’ve wanted a divorce for a …
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Missions, Premodernism, and History

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in History | Missions - (4 Comments)

Modernism still remains so embedded in my brain, but every now and then, I have a rupture where I see through it. This happened the other day when I was reading Gadamer. Last year I took a graduate course on the function of history in modernity. History is not neutral. We structure the past in …
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I lived in SE Asia for three years. I am going back, maybe sooner than I think. Life was difficult and busy. I did not blog or read blogs. I did not tweet. Instead I took care of troubled kids: and one kid killed a cat, another poked the eye out of a fish, and …
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I keep saying I’m going to write-up about the weaknesses (and the really bad part) in missions, and also, write about how I think missions should function differently. Before I throw myself into those posts, I thought I’d make a little confession, then tell a bit of a story. When I first went to Asia, …
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J.O.Y | B.O.Y

Recently I wrote a post on Overturning Tables by R.L. Stollar on my journey from fundamentalism to universalism. Stollar as you know all is cofounder and coordinator for Homeschoolers Anonymous, and is a stinkin awesome writer himself. A couple days ago here on Wide Open Ground, I talked about the problem I have with progress …
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After I wrote my post yesterday on a personal glimpse of why I fell in love with missions, I realized a lot more needs to be said. In fact, I think we are wanderers in the church. We don’t know where to turn in terms of the globalization of the church. (History departments are looking …
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People are very cynical these days about western Christianity, particularly Catholic and Evangelical churches and ministries. In a way I’ve been apart of this spirit because I’ve asked homeschoolers if we really want to have a sex scandal of our own. So I question the movement, question everything. I am a product of the postmodern …
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This post was triggered by this outstanding paragraph by Frank Schaeffer, son of one of the most famous evangelicals of the 20th century. In other words, the big guys said it. So did my family. I grew up in a reformed Calvinist missionary household where the dirtiest word in the English language was “compromise.” The …
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I have a new theory about what the church needs in order survive. I think this post rings true for non-religious people, too, so this is not a theology talk. But I do think that this is crucial for the churches to flourish whereas I think the secular academy will go on regardless. But I …
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