The Unfundamental Conversion
New Tribes Missions and Hell

I am a hopeful universalist. I believe God will force no one into hell against their will, and I am hopeful that God’s love will ultimately overcome everyone and all will freely choose to worship him over living outside God’s presence. I have written before about why I personally rejected hell here and here.  But today, I …
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“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer HT, Ryan Stollar ____ I am not a huge fan of the Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman series (in fact, I have a whole post …
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Growing up, my family was not particularly superstitious about demons, ghosts, and spirits. There was a reason for this. We were influenced by the Reformed Tradition. My dad does not believe in a rapture, tribulation, or 1,000 year reign. He believes the 1000 year reign is symbolic of the current age, that Satan and his …
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My first trip to Asia was a uber-great experience. I lived with a mountain family living off the grid with chickens roaring in my ear all night, complete with weeds, humidity, creek water as shower and drink, and sleeping on a loft.  The husband/father of the family had a horrific childhood and in all respects …
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I Miss Life Overseas!

April 14th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions - (5 Comments)

My parents do not really approve of my life decisions, and sometimes it’s difficult to articulate why. Isn’t a daughter doing missions work the dream of a conservative family? In many ways, yes, it is, but I am not doing it the normal way. When I lived overseas, I lived on $400 that I earned, …
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When Missions Leaves My Heart Raw

April 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Missions - (2 Comments)
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I got an email from a dear friend I worked closely with overseas, and all I can do is weep because I feel so detached from it all. As a child, my image of God was that he would heal and rescue the world. I had a rough childhood – much more dsyfunctional and rough …
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One of my favorite bloggers, Benjamin at Formerly Fundie (note: best blog on patheos), wrote a piece called The Day Evangelicalism Died. As most of you know from the news, earlier this week when the Christian relief organization World Vision announced that they would hire gay Christians to work for them, the internet exploded with …
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CROSS Sacral Stavros from the Temple Repositories of Knossos 1600 BCE Heraclion Museum Greece

When I gave up believing in a traditional notion of hell, I did not really choose to stop believing in hell. It just stopped making sense. Think about it this way. Imagine that someone tells you to believe that elves and ferries are real. Probably you can’t make yourself believe it. That was what happened …
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dump house

Last week I wrote about the ethics of converting other people’s children, particularly on the missions field.   Since I came back to the states, I’ve really struggled on how to process, unlearn, and relive all that I experienced in my three years overseas.    I am no longer comfortable about much missions work. However, …
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At my old church in South East Asia, we prayed one prayer more than any other. Or maybe two. But there was one prayer that kept coming up over and over – Lord, let your kingdom come, on earth. Or, let your glory fall on this place. I have a problem with the whole idea …
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