The Unfundamental Conversion

My Life Bucket List


I’ve learned that I need to be intentional, and have big dreams. I grew up Southern USA, I was homeschooled, and my parents still live in the same house I was born in. Thinking big does not come naturally, buuuut its important.

Here’s my life goals. What’s yours?

Travel Goals

Live Abroad  – 2010-2013
Live like the Amish – 2009 
Visit every country in the world
Camp for two months 2012 (in Europe)
Visit all 7 man-made wonders of the World
Watch the Olympics live
Travel for 12 consecutive months

Ride an Elephant in Asia 2009
See the lantern festival 2012
Visit Jerusalem
Ride a Camel in Egypt or Jordon
Take the rail across Russia and Mongolia
Visit the Taj Mahal
Visit Angkor Wat 2012
See the pyramids and sphinx
See Mt. Everest
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Go to Krabi and Phucket
Go to Bora Bora
See a Komodo dragon in Indonesia
See wild monkeys 2011 , Thailand

Australia/New Zealand

Take an Antarctica Cruise
See the real Hobbit homes in New Zealand
Visit the Great Barrier Reef


Cycle/camp down the River Rhine
See castles in Europe 2012, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, 2016, Poland
Visit Westminster Abbey 2007
Go to Rome 2012
See the Sistine Chapel 2012
Visit St. Peter’s tomb
Visit the Italian Rivera
Visit Pompeii
Visit the Louvre and Eiffel Tower
Tour a salt mine 2016 Krakow, Poland
Visit Salzburg 2012
Hike the Swiss Alps  2012
Take the train all around Europe 2012
Backpack Europe 2012
See ruins dating back to antiquity 2012
Go to a Concentration Camp
Camp the Greek Island
Visit Ephesus
Visit the Island of Capri
Swim in the Mediterranean
See Europe at Christmas


Go on an African Safari
Camp in safari land
Go to the Sahara desert
See a wild lion
See a wild elephant
See a wild zebra
See a wild giraffe
See a wild hyena
See a wild ostrich

North America
Drive the Alaskan Highway
Visit Victoria, British Columbia (2015)
Visit Vancouver 2008, 2013-2015
Hike the Canadian Rockies 2014 (Waterton), 2015 (Kootenay, Yoho, Banff, Jasper)
Visit Prince Edward Island 2013
Go to Quebec City 2013
See wild puffin 2013 (Nova Scotia)
See wild seals 2013 (Nova Scotia), 2016 (Newfoundland)
See a wild  bald eagle 2013 (Nova Scotia), 2015 (BC, Washington), 2016 (Newfoundland)
Travel every state in the USA (44/50. Left Nevada, North Dakota, Florida, Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii)
Visit Glacier National Park 2014
Hike down the Grand Canyon May 2013
Visit Glacier Bay
Visit the Redwood Forest
See the Golden Gate Bridge 2010
See the Northern Lights
See an iceberg Newfoundland 2016
See the Artic Ocean

Central America
Experience the Monarch Butterfly migration in Mexico
See wild parrots
Visit Tikal in Guatemala
Visit Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
Visit Antigua during Holy Week
Drive the Panama Highway

South America
Explore Machu Picchu
Visit Angel Falls
Visit Iguaza Falls
See a black dolphin off the coast of Chile
See a freshwater dolphin in the amazon
Stand at the bottom of Argentina
Go to the Galapagos Islands
See wild flamingo
See a wild platypus
Visit Galápagos Islands
See the Giant Tortoites on Galapagos

Adventure Goals

Go rock climbing California 2010
Go white water rafting
Learn to snow ski
Learn to water ski
Learn to Surf
Go sailing
Go snorkeling Thailand 2011 
Run a 5K Thailand, 2012 
Learn to ride a motorcycle Thailand2010 
Ride a horse on the beach
Climb to the peak of a mountain Switzerland 2012, Newfoundland 2015
Hike an active volcano
See a whale in the ocean Victoria, BC, 2015
See a sea turtle in the ocean
Ride a zip line in a jungle December 2013
Participate in a bicycle race
Cycle across a continent
Swim with Dolphins

Learning Goals

Graduate from college with honors Victory
Learn a second language 2010-2013
Pass the Thai p6 exam
Study Greek 2006-2007
Learn German
Learn Mandarin Chinese
Learn to cook Thai food well
Write a thesis 2015
Earn a master’s degree 2015
Earn a PhD
Take a college physics course
Take a college course in symbolic logic
Publish an article in a scholarly journal 2016
Learn to play the violin
Learn something about, be able to spell, and know the location of every country
Study cultural anthropology  2012
Study evolution and biology
Study Buddhism 2012
Study Islam
Study Hinduism

Business Goals

Build a location independent business
Make $30,000 on a stock sale
Write a book
Become Financially Independent
Invest in real estate
Write an article that goes viral
Go to the World Dominion Summit
Build a large blog

Ministry Goals

Start a prayer ministry
Be a part of a business mentor program for young adults
Live and teach English in the deep jungle
Live in a remote location 2009
Go on a missions trip 2009
Help out at an orphanage 2010+
Sponsor education overseas
Teach in a formal school overseas
Do relief work in Uganda and Kenya

Personal Goals

Be a vegetarian for a month
Be paperless for a month
Wake up everyday by 6 a.m. for two months

  • Love your bucket list! So many are the same as mine. 🙂 Are you still in SE Asia or are you back in the states now?

    • I am in Canada, working on the education goals on my bucket list. =) I was still going to go to SE Asia this summer (I have tickets bought), but I think I’m going to just travel around the US instead.


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