When I was a kid, we would mock some of the early Christians for thinking that the human soul just went to sleep until the body is resurrected at Christ’s return. We also judged the early Christians who insisted on being buried because otherwise their bodies might not be able to be resurrected. The reason my …
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photo again

I recently thought of this post, I wrote on Christmas Eve from my phone while with a few teenagers in Asia. We spent Christmas day floating around a pond in 80F/26C weather in shorts, and in the evening when the temperature had dropped to 68F/20C, I read a book out on a lawn chair while the kids were …
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Guest Post I was an overweight kid starting around fourth grade.  We spent a lot of time in church.  Church twice on Sunday, once on Wednesday, and anything in between.  I can’t say I didn’t like it.  Church fueled my passion for music and the art of a good service.  I learned a lot.  I …
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I have so much to say, but no time to say it. My mind is full of books and term papers. For example, next week on Monday I have a 20 page term paper  and a 1,200 word reading summary due, on Wedneday I’m giving a long presentation, and on Friday I have three reading …
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Recently one of the girls I once babysat called me on phone. She wanted to talk about something that happened in the past between us. I miss her and her family, but mostly, when I look back, I feel pain. You see, starting when I was 11 or 12, I was put in the place of …
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The Homeschool Myth

October 6th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Homeschool | Philosophy - (2 Comments)

In my last post on emotional abuse in homeshooling, I wrote this: The reason I connect this to homeschooling is that homeschooling made the shit seem natural, the way that it was ought to be. In the comment section of that post, one reader writes: I also went through verbal and emotional abuse, but we …
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The stories on Homeschoolers Anonymous have been more triggering for me lately. HA is hosting a series called “It hurts me more than you.” Then today Cynthia Jeub, a daughter of a well-known homeschool family with 16 children, shared her story of the abuse she and her siblings have received, and still are receiving. My …
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Why Sound Reasoning Matters

September 26th, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Philosophy - (7 Comments)

People in western cultures value correct thinking. We value induction and deduction. We value clarity of arguments, equations, and symbolic logic. We value justified beliefs and arguments that have cognitive meaning and assertive content. I do too. See, I am a philosophy student, and in order to write a paper, I must lay out my …
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As an adult, for the most part I have coped pretty well, almost to the point that even I forget that I have mental illness. This is not because my childhood was good. My childhood was a living nightmare. And it was a nightmare for more than just spiritual abuse. I was emotionally abused, to …
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Speaking is Performing and Doing

September 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Lana Hope in Philosophy - (7 Comments)

Hi, everyone. I have not blogged in a long time. I have also, as some of you may have noticed, not returned many, if any, emails. You might think it’s because I’m busy, and I am insanely busy (I’m a graduate student, and I am a TA at the university). But that is not why …
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